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​Under the banner of Royal Designer Reptiles is the rodent breeding facility Royal Frozen Rodents. Our state of the art rodent breeding facility supplies high quality and nutritious frozen feeder mice, rats and rabbits as well as Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches to pet shops and directly to the public. We strive towards supplying all your rodent feeder needs all throughout the year - No more rodent shortages stunting the growth of your reptiles during critical periods of the year, allowing your reptiles to have greater breeding success.

All rodents are fed a specially formulated diet specific to mice, rats and rabbits and suplemented with essential oils and organic fruit and veg from our farm, allowing your reptile to dine on the most nutritious feeder rodents available. Freshness is guaranteed as we use food grade carbon dioxide to euthanize all rodents which are then vacuum sealed and frozen. All feeder rodents are classed according to weight, guaranteeing you get the correct size food for your reptile and value for your money.  The rodent food can be purchased from us and will increase the nutritional value of your feeder rodent breeder stock.

Products can be purchased directly from the Royal Designer Reptiles breeding facility or at a number of pet shops.

Discounts are offered for bulk orders. 

​Royal Frozen Rodents ships country-wide using insulated boxes and dry ice. Fresh and frozen feeder rodents will be delivered to your closest airport (24 hours) or directly to your door within 24-72 hours.

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