About Clint

Royal Designer Reptiles is a Johannesburg based reptile and rodent breeding facility owned and run by Clint Halkett-Siddall. ​

His passion for reptiles began at the age of 11. He was intrigued and fascinated by these awesome animals and from thereon he dedicated his time to learning as much about them as he could. As his collection grew he was drawn into the world of Herpetoculture (the keeping and breeding of reptiles) which started to bring in decent pocket money at a young age. His passion for reptiles steered him towards a career in herpetology and he enrolled at the Tshwane University of Technology to study Nature Conservation qualifying with a B-Tech. In the years to come, Clint, plans to complete his masters and PHD in herpetology.

Clint's first Boa hatchlings were born 23 years ago and his hobby unintentionally became a business. Many of you may have some of his offspring in your own collections. In 2004 he moved to the USA for 15 months and while working for Disney World he purchased his first Ball Python. Whilst attending the Daytona Reptile Show he was struck with awe when he saw the amazing variety of Morphs available. In 2005 when he arrived back in SA he purchased his first Ball Python Morphs and his collection has grown ever since.

The Royal Designer Reptile breeding facility focuses on Ball Python Morphs (Pythong Reguis), Boa Constrictor Morphs (Boa Constrictor), Blood Python Morphs (Python Curtus) , short-tail pythons, Blue tongue Skinks (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides) and Blue Tegu Lizards (Tupinambis merianae) as well as other species . The mission of Royal Designer Reptiles is to source the best quality and most sought-after designer Morph reptiles available, by purchasing stock from the best breeders both internationally and locally. All reptiles are kept in tip-top condition by means of a healthy diet, regular sterilizing of all equipment and stringent record keeping.  


In 2013 Royal Designer Reptiles also built and registered one of only two private reptile quarantine facilities which is state of the art. We are thus able to import and export reptiles all year round from any breeder you choose. 


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